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Rosacea Removal

Rosacea can look like a sunburn, an acne break-out, a flush, or overexertion. It often takes a long time to diagnose as it masquerades so well as other conditions.

In reality, it is a common skin condition with poorly understood causes. It is more common in women, tends to worsen with age, and is more likely to afflict people with light skin. Men who develop rosacea tend to have more severe symptoms.

Rosacea comes in many forms. Mild rosacea can appear as simple rosy cheeks and never advance further. Or it can present like acne, with pus-filled blemishes. Most rosacea sufferers report that symptoms flare and subside, sometimes triggered by alcohol, spicy food, hot weather, or sun exposure.

Something common to all forms of rosacea is redness. Generally, the redness is on the central part of the face—cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. It is often accompanied by tiny visible blood vessels commonly referred to as spider veins. Moderate rosacea can result in a ruddy and uneven skin texture. Severe rosacea can lead to thickening of the skin on the nose, a condition called rhinophyma that occurs more often in men than women.

Benefits of Rosacea Treatment

There are treatments to reduce the visible signs of rosacea. Topical creams help some people and avoiding triggers like alcohol, spicy foods, and extreme temperatures helps others.

There are also procedures to reduce redness and the appearance of tiny blood vessels. At U Wellness Medspa we use CO2 and/or a gentler microneedling technology, a combination of traditional microneedling and radio frequency thermal energy that stimulates the body to produce collagen and reduces hyperpigmentation from a variety of causes, including rosacea.

With treatment rosacea results in decreased general redness as well as decreased visible blood vessels. Increased collagen also results in smoother, less ruddy and uneven skin texture.

Treatment Expectations

Treatments will  not cure rosacea, but it can decrease the visible symptoms. Treatment generally entails several sessions, each less than 45 minutes in duration and spaced four to six weeks apart.

A mild topical numbing cream is used and most people report little discomfort during microneedling treatment. After-effects include warmth and redness that generally fade after a day or two. Make-up can be worn after 24 hours.

Call us at U Wellness Medspa  for a consultation and we can help determine the best treatment options for your rosacea.

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