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What is LIPOcel™ HIFU System?

LIPOcel™ is a non-invasive treatment which effectively contours the body by delivering high-intensity focused ultrasound energy to destroy subcutaneous fat cells. With LIPOcel™ you get immediate results and a slim improved body line.

A Pain Free Quick Solution for Permanent Fat Destruction

LIPOcel™ is the latest non-invasive body contouring HIFU system. Utilising state-of-the-art advanced contact cooling technology, LIPOcel™ is able to reduce the pain in the epidermal and nerve area, making it possible to have higher energy delivery to the treatment areas.

The contact cooling of LIPOcel™is a huge breakthrough in the use of focused ultrasound. The technology and system using heat energy is a completely bearable and extremely effective treatment for the breakdown of fat cells. The contact cooling system effectively maintains the handpiece surface temperature at a comfortable 5oC.


Therefore, the skin is protected, reducing pain. In this way, a more effective result can be obtained because higher energy can be delivered to the treatment area. A wider area of ultrasound emission and a quick movement of the transducer handpiece will enable even faster and more efficient treatment.


Using the latest next generation high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology, LIPOcel™ shrinks and diminishes localised fat cells which are then naturally processed by the body. The HIFU technology generates thermal energy which melts away the fat.

With LIPOcel™'s patented contact cooling system, maximum heat is delivered without causing pain or disruption to the surface of the skin. The treatment is quick, completely tolerable and highly effective with minimal to no downtime required.

The treatment can be used on the stomach, love handles, thighs, arms, as well as for back and bra strap fat!


Results vary however most patients can expect to see visible results from 6 weeks after their treatment and they will continue to improve for up to 12 weeks. The number of treatments required is determined by the amount of fat that you would like to reduce and the area being treated. Generally we would recommend between 1-3 treatments spaced 6-12 weeks apart for best results.

  • Reduces fat & tightens skin simultaneously

  • Immediate visible results

  • Treat large complete areas in less than 30 mins without limits

  • FDA approved for permanent fat reduction

  • No downtime

  • 20%-40% fat reduction per treatment

  • Pain free with contact cooling at 5°c


The LIPOcel™ treatment is designed to treat areas of stubborn fat that do not respond to regular exercise and diet. The common focal areas are the tummy, flanks, underarms, back thighs and knees. LIPOcel™ is very effective for treating smaller areas of fatty deposits that cannot be treated by suction type technologies such as cryolipolysis.

Please note that as with other fat removal treatments, LIPOcel™ is not a treatment for obesity. It is a body-contouring treatment and is not designed as a weight loss program. In addition, in order to optimize the results from the treatments, patients are advised to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, with a good exercise regime and healthy diet plan.

Potential side effects include possible swelling and sensitivity in the treated area. Besides that, there is also a possibility of hyperpigmentation, tingling numbness, itching, and surface irregularities after treatment. All these symptoms are temporary, and will disappear by themselves after a while.

The Advantages of LIPOcel™ Treatment


Since LIPOcel™ is a non-invasive treatment, no anesthetic is required, and the treatment will incur practically no downtime. The treatment duration is approximately one hour. It is a quick treatment which can be completed even during lunchtime.

Another major advantage of LIPOcel™ is that the HIFU energy also causes skin tightening, which creates a smooth result after the treatment.

Before and After Slimming Treatment
Questions & Answers
Q. How long will the procedure take?
The LIPOcel™ treatment is a, simple, fast, lunch-time procedure that usually takes about 10 to 30 minutes depending on patient and treated area.
Q. What kind of results should I expect?

Typically you should see a reduction between one to two dress sizes smaller.

Q. Are there any side effects?

There are no known side effects to LIPOcel™. It is a non-invasive treatment and you can resume your daily routine right after the procedure.

Q. When will I see results?

Typically results will be visible 2 weeks after the treatment and in most cases you will see the best results within 8-12 weeks after the treatment which is the time our body needs to metabolizes the destroyed fat cells.


Q. Is LIPOcel™ safe?

LIPOcel™ is a completely non-invasive and safe procedure. Thanks to powerful contact cooling it is very comfortable and it does not require anesthesia. 


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